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What we do

Pharma Targeting is a bespoke research house with a backbone of world class pharmaceutical and marketing consultants and analysts. We work exclusively with pharmaceutical service providers.

Our only goal is to make our clients commercially successful and ensure they spend the least amount of their time to achieve it. The way we do this is by working as super connectors and getting them in front of as many prospective clients as possible, before their competitors do.

Simply put - we get you to the right person in the right company at the right time with a need and the money and get you first to market. Many market intelligence companies promise this, charge high prices across the board and only give you half the story. We ask the right questions to find out what you actually need. We deliver accurate data at a fair price.

Our 3 Step Model gives you ideas you may not have had before and saves you time and money - time you could be spending nurturing relationships and closing business.

We may not be right for everyone but we are 100% right for the right people. We are extraordinary for the right people.

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Who we work with

Our clients work in some of the most common spaces, like contract research and manufacturing, but others work in very niche spaces from artwork for packaging to zebra fish models for research. The more niche the space the better value you will get.

We work with both the worlds biggest service providers as well as start-ups, bringing fresh ideas to the table and increase bottom line revenue. This gives us a clear understanding of the full spectrum of the drug development process and the triggers for each service and what drives the selection process, including understanding the bottle necks and concerns.


What our clients say

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James R. Harris
CEO Healthcare Economics LLC
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Matthew Wheeler
Associate Director For Europe VectorBuilder
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Michelle Fan
VP of Operations Consolidated Medical Bio-Analysis,
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Perla Björk Egilsdóttir
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Steve Matheson
Executive Director, Business Development
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Christian Jones
Chief Commercial Officer
Click for Linkedin Profile you do everything in between that i normally have to do?..
— Michelle Fan - CMB
..the team are fantastic to work with. They have great products, they love what they do and they love their clients…pretty much the magic formula…
— Dara Amjadi - Brightwood Young
If you are a BD professional providing services or technology to the pharmaceutical market and want to expand your reach and connectivity then I can highly recommend Pharma Targeting! Feel free to contact Anil Kumar or Tim Reid to learn more... 
— Christian Jones - Nanoform
There is only one company we need to be working with
— James R. Harris - Healthcare Economics